87,000 words and #50kweekend.

So I wrote 19K today. I’m pretty pleased.

That’s 36K total for the weekend, which leaves 14 for tomorrow, which is probably doable.

Andddd a total of 87000 for the month so far.

I’m pretty pleased with this. It’s 12:35, and I think I can stay up to write another thousand or two.


I’ve written 47000 words the past three days. as I’ve said before: holy shit. holy shit. i need to stop being so competitive with myself.


50K has been hit.

So I sort of stopped writing for 15 days. Completely. I was at 40K, so I was still ahead on the 23rd when I decided to get back into the game, but still. That sucks.

I’ve hit 50K, which is fantastic. 🙂 Still never lost a WriMo, despite a bunch of after-school activities that decided to show up during November, of all months.

My goal for the weekend is to get to between 100 and 125K. If I can do that, I’ll be really pleased. If not… I don’t know.

I think I can, I think I can.

So long as my wrists shut up.

Three posts that I started.

First thousand done!

One more thousand (or so) of this chapter and then onto… war… Or I skip that and go to a conversation between the President and my FMC. Yeah, I’ll probably switch the two. I don’t want to go from burning cities to war. That’d get boring. (For me, not the reader.)

WHOO. On to more carnage.


8063 words, 11:19 am. I’m not sure I can hit 20K today, but I can most definitely do the required 10.

I finally got to a point that I liked, last chapter. My first three were so boring to write. They’re full of action, and they’re necessary, but it wasn’t a good way to start it off. Next time I do one of these I’ll start it differently, because the first 6K was like pulling teeth. I finally went to bed after 5K yesterday, and only got that much because I was rewarding myself copiously.

Now, though, the real story’s starting, and there’s a lot of dialogue (which I love). I’ve decided how I’m doing the ‘war’ chapters, and they’re snippets from people’s heads – for example, in the one I have, there are four viewpoints, about 500 words each. It’s more fun, and I think it’s a better way to do it. No one wants to read 2K from a person they’ll never see again, but more than one POV adds to the tone more, I suppose.

This is more difficult than I thought. It’s day one and I’m 8K in, and I’m wondering if I can do this 300K goal. There’s so much more still to write…

I am staying on track, though, and I’ve never done that before. It’s necessary, though, because if I go off-track I’ll never be able to fix it.

Back to writing, I suppose.

Well, it’s 6:40, and I just hit 20K.

My wrists don’t hurt, surprisingly, but I’m tired of writing. Not sick of it, but it’s mentally taxing, extremely so. I might do a couple more 20K days this month but I wouldn’t want to do it every day.

I just killed off the mother of a character that I really liked. :/ Poor Emmy… Not so much her brother, he’s kind of a jerk. Okay, a huge jerk.

I’m rambling. Time to do something to decompress.

Also: HOORAY! 20K IN ONE DAY! YES! *dances*

It’s Mother’s Day, and I’ve finished another book.

So I was trying to write a novel in the month of April after my Screnzy, and I got to about 43K before conking out and giving up. I left it for about a week, because I hated my characters, and today, in a storm of I can get this shit done, and I am going to finish this novel-type feelings, I finished it! I managed to kill my main male character, but that’s really  no different from any other novel that I’ve written (I’m just surprised that the female lead wasn’t evil when she killed him. Whoops, spoilers.) and I quite like the ending. It’s the closest to a litfic-type thing that I’ve gotten, and it was fantasy so I’m not sure what that says about me (I don’t even read fantasy, god damn it) but it has little musings on what it means to be evil and good and perceptions of others, etc. It’s never going to amount to anything remotely publishable, and I’m never going to show it to anyone (other than the beginning and the end, I’m fond of those) but it was fun to write.

I’m back to editing Retreat again, for the moment. I’ve missed it, I’ve missed all of them so much. I do quite like the story, and I love the characters even if they’re all assholes. I know them really well which is strange, it’s not been a year since I wrote the first draft, but I’ve got the first chapter nearly memorized and I do care about them quite a bit, which is good.

I’m really ill at the moment, though, which is why this might seem sporadic and make no sense, and it’s also Mother’s Day, which makes me eternally grateful that my mom’s main wish was for me to leave her alone today and let her have some ‘goddamn peace and quiet’. I love my mother.

Here’s my choir schedule for the next week:

Monday: Learn the new music for Teenage Dream, finish learning Love Shack and Think.
Tuesday: Five and a half hour “dress rehearsal”, from four to nine-thirty.
Wednesday: Sleep.
Thursday: First concert!
Friday: Second concert!

And then I’ve got to start practicing Pulled again because I haven’t in a long time and I’ve got rehearsal for that the next Tuesday, and the show on the 21st.

It’s the busiest I’ve been all year and while I don’t mind it, really, I just wish I wasn’t so damn sick.

All right, that’s enough from me. Until next time, or something less generic/creepy.

Figuring it Out

So I’m a few days into this new novel, and I really like it. I’ve got about 8K and I’m working my way around the plot – perhaps I shouldn’t have started it with no idea of where it’s going, and actually thought of a plot, but I’ve figured it out now. I like it, I think–I feel like it’s going to be fun to finish writing it, and it’s giving closure to the NaNo novel that I never got, as I wrote a prequel instead of a sequel.

It’s getting to be a lot of fun, really. I like it–I like writing it, and figuring out who my characters are, as I go. I don’t like writing with no concrete ending, even one that I can change–I always like to have some idea even if I know that I’m going to end up switching it for something better. (As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever written anything without at least a bit of an ending in mind.)

Oh, well. That’s all to be figured out later.

Another Novel

Well, I’ve figured out what I’m going to do with the remainder of the month.

I’ve got 26 days left. If I wanted to do a 50K month, that’d only be 2K/day. So that’s what I’ll do. I have a new idea that I stole from the NaNo forums (though I’m fairly confident it’s going to become really different from what they intended; I’ve managed to fit it into the world I created for my NaNo) and I quite like it. I’ve got 2,261 words so far. It’s fairly slow-going so far, but once the plot kicks off it’s going to be really fun to write.

I really like WriMo months. I know, I’m doing this, two more 50K months, and then a 300K in July, but I’ll take a break from August-October and figure out what I want to do with all of the things I’ve written. It’s not like I’ll stop editing, either; 2K a day leaves room for other things in the day.

Anyway, here, have the first few paragraphs.

We did not mean to start a war. At least, I don’t think we did. It’s hard, sometimes, to remember. When your values get corrupted and what you once stood for becomes what you’re fighting against, it’s hard to make yourself think of a time when things were different. When you were different.

The only things I know, really, are as follows.

We wanted freedom until we had it.

We thought they were right until we saw what they did.

Evil is a many-faced foe.

I don’t pretend to know the answers. I’m the face of the war now, and I’ve been for years and years. They ask me what I think about topics and issues, and I beat around the bush. Some berate me for this, and I let them. It’s better to have them think I’m an idiotic politician than what I truly am; the mind behind all of their pain and suffering, the one who caused that crop to die or orchestrated that death.

Perhaps not directly. Perhaps in some small, infinitesimal way, I’m innocent. And if that’s the truth, I’ll accept it as I have everything else in life; I’ll smile and nod until I’m alone, when I can react. I’ll whoop and cheer but only in secret, always in secret.

If they knew who I was and what I did, I would be killed.


On finishing Screnzy.

Day three and I’ve finished.

… Well, now what do I do with myself?

I tend to do this a lot. I get really into a project, finish really early (because I’m extremely competitive and fall under the mindset of If it’s not difficult, I’m not really winning (this is a really bad habit to have, especially since I haven’t felt much pride because it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be–yes, I realize this is a major character flaw)) and tend to forget what I did before said project. Yes, it was only being worked on for three days, but for those three days, my mindset was: Work on the script work on it why aren’t you working on it what’s going to happen next let’s change the ending, etc. etc.

Now, I’m sitting here with a finished, 101-page script and I don’t know what to do. I might read, or call Sam. Or watch Cinderella again.

I don’t know, though. Ah. I feel really over-dramatic, because it was, after all, only three days–but I form habits insanely easily and now I feel like I should be working on what happened to Riley, Sid, Carey, Alan, George, and Ryan but I can’t. I refuse to lengthen the script because I feel like it; I ended it at a spot that I’m pleased with and that’s that.

So… Yeah, I suppose. I’ve won Screnzy! I’m sure the pride’s going to be there later. At least, I hope so, because this was somewhat difficult and I’m proud of the result.