On Outlining.

I’ve been discussing in the comments of my last entry my outlining process, and that got me thinking. I really am not that organized.

When I did the first draft of this novel, all the way back in NaNo 2011, I had a process. I had a detailed outline and I didn’t let myself deviate at all. That sucked. I didn’t have well-developed characters, I just had small ideas of what I wanted to do and no way to get there. As such, I had lots of storylines that I didn’t know how to tangle back together and writing it was not fun.

For this, I did the opposite. I had lots of well-developed characters and nothing else. The world, I’m making up as I go along. The plot itself, doing the same–I have an entire religious/capital punishment plotline that came about organically and I really like it. I think that’ll stay through to the second draft. 

I prefer outlining like this, to be honest. I like knowing where each character starts and ends and figuring out the middle.

In other news, I’m going to try to finish this novel tomorrow. I’ve got 65K right now; I can do 20 today and 15 tomorrow and then figure out where I’m at. The last plot threads of this section are tying together; I’m about to kill the girl who is going to ignite everything. I just need to figure out how to kill my queen, and I’ll be set.


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