A quarter of the way through!

I’m still at my friend’s house until tomorrow, but I told her I wanted to at least hit 25K by the end of the weekend so she’s been letting me write while she goes on the internet. (And yesterday when I didn’t want to do anything she gave me ice cream, which was a wonderful incentive that led to me writing 2K when I would probably have written nothing otherwise.)

I woke up this morning (well, afternoon) rather sick and didn’t want to do much writing. I realize this isn’t really in the spirit of JulNo, but I was feeling awful just looking at lights so computer screens didn’t really seem up my alley. I did eventually get up, though, and felt much better. I didn’t start writing until around 9 though because I am terrible and also was hanging out with people. (And I bought a book called Unnatural Creatures, which is a book of stories about monsters as collected by Neil Gaiman! I think reading that shall be my reward for when I hit 50K.) 

I was really worried to actually start writing because this is my least-planned part of the novel; I decided on a character archetype for the main character and nothing else. I didn’t even decide on anyone else’s names, which led to “Which actress do I like? Natalie Portman! Natalie is now her name” (this despite the fact that I don’t actually like Natalie Portman much at all; ah, well). 

But. I thought about it and decided on the main conflict of the next 10K or so (namely, is capital punishment cruel or necessary?) and now I am rocking it. If my wrists weren’t protesting so much, I’d love to write 5K more tonight.

I hit 25K though, and I’m really pleased. I’m overall rather pleased with my output this month, actually. I have written more in less time in previous NaNos, but I wasn’t as happy content-wise as I am with this. 


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