Three posts that I started.

First thousand done!

One more thousand (or so) of this chapter and then onto… war… Or I skip that and go to a conversation between the President and my FMC. Yeah, I’ll probably switch the two. I don’t want to go from burning cities to war. That’d get boring. (For me, not the reader.)

WHOO. On to more carnage.


8063 words, 11:19 am. I’m not sure I can hit 20K today, but I can most definitely do the required 10.

I finally got to a point that I liked, last chapter. My first three were so boring to write. They’re full of action, and they’re necessary, but it wasn’t a good way to start it off. Next time I do one of these I’ll start it differently, because the first 6K was like pulling teeth. I finally went to bed after 5K yesterday, and only got that much because I was rewarding myself copiously.

Now, though, the real story’s starting, and there’s a lot of dialogue (which I love). I’ve decided how I’m doing the ‘war’ chapters, and they’re snippets from people’s heads – for example, in the one I have, there are four viewpoints, about 500 words each. It’s more fun, and I think it’s a better way to do it. No one wants to read 2K from a person they’ll never see again, but more than one POV adds to the tone more, I suppose.

This is more difficult than I thought. It’s day one and I’m 8K in, and I’m wondering if I can do this 300K goal. There’s so much more still to write…

I am staying on track, though, and I’ve never done that before. It’s necessary, though, because if I go off-track I’ll never be able to fix it.

Back to writing, I suppose.

Well, it’s 6:40, and I just hit 20K.

My wrists don’t hurt, surprisingly, but I’m tired of writing. Not sick of it, but it’s mentally taxing, extremely so. I might do a couple more 20K days this month but I wouldn’t want to do it every day.

I just killed off the mother of a character that I really liked. :/ Poor Emmy… Not so much her brother, he’s kind of a jerk. Okay, a huge jerk.

I’m rambling. Time to do something to decompress.

Also: HOORAY! 20K IN ONE DAY! YES! *dances*


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