You got here by searching ‘jasmine corner’? (Also, talk about writing.)

I’m sorry to disappoint… The blog’s not a corner of jasmine flowers, sitting around and waiting to be watered. My apologies.

However, I do have a point in coming on here (for the first time in a really long time, whoops). July starts soon! Two days until July first, and I’m trying to write a 300,000 word trilogy. It’s going to be difficult and I might fail but I’m going to try, darn it.

The thing as a whole is 214 chapters and takes place over the course of 400 years, give or take a few. One book takes place on Earth, the other two on a planet called Trena that’s inhabited by aliens that I really need to name but haven’t yet. I have outlines on my wall for every chapter, I have a calendar for the last week of June, one for July (with daily goals), two maps, and a thing that’s up with a bunch of notes that are probably incomprehensible but I understand them, and that’s all that matters.

All I’ve got to do now is write the damn thing. I have the time, I have the outlines. I might not have the wrist capability, but I’m certainly going to try my hardest.

And if I fail I might hate myself just a bit, so I think I need to hit this goal. I’ve been planning for far too long to let it go to waste, and I doubt I’m going to want to write it later if I don’t finish it when I intend to.


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