It’s Mother’s Day, and I’ve finished another book.

So I was trying to write a novel in the month of April after my Screnzy, and I got to about 43K before conking out and giving up. I left it for about a week, because I hated my characters, and today, in a storm of I can get this shit done, and I am going to finish this novel-type feelings, I finished it! I managed to kill my main male character, but that’s really  no different from any other novel that I’ve written (I’m just surprised that the female lead wasn’t evil when she killed him. Whoops, spoilers.) and I quite like the ending. It’s the closest to a litfic-type thing that I’ve gotten, and it was fantasy so I’m not sure what that says about me (I don’t even read fantasy, god damn it) but it has little musings on what it means to be evil and good and perceptions of others, etc. It’s never going to amount to anything remotely publishable, and I’m never going to show it to anyone (other than the beginning and the end, I’m fond of those) but it was fun to write.

I’m back to editing Retreat again, for the moment. I’ve missed it, I’ve missed all of them so much. I do quite like the story, and I love the characters even if they’re all assholes. I know them really well which is strange, it’s not been a year since I wrote the first draft, but I’ve got the first chapter nearly memorized and I do care about them quite a bit, which is good.

I’m really ill at the moment, though, which is why this might seem sporadic and make no sense, and it’s also Mother’s Day, which makes me eternally grateful that my mom’s main wish was for me to leave her alone today and let her have some ‘goddamn peace and quiet’. I love my mother.

Here’s my choir schedule for the next week:

Monday: Learn the new music for Teenage Dream, finish learning Love Shack and Think.
Tuesday: Five and a half hour “dress rehearsal”, from four to nine-thirty.
Wednesday: Sleep.
Thursday: First concert!
Friday: Second concert!

And then I’ve got to start practicing Pulled again because I haven’t in a long time and I’ve got rehearsal for that the next Tuesday, and the show on the 21st.

It’s the busiest I’ve been all year and while I don’t mind it, really, I just wish I wasn’t so damn sick.

All right, that’s enough from me. Until next time, or something less generic/creepy.


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