Figuring it Out

So I’m a few days into this new novel, and I really like it. I’ve got about 8K and I’m working my way around the plot – perhaps I shouldn’t have started it with no idea of where it’s going, and actually thought of a plot, but I’ve figured it out now. I like it, I think–I feel like it’s going to be fun to finish writing it, and it’s giving closure to the NaNo novel that I never got, as I wrote a prequel instead of a sequel.

It’s getting to be a lot of fun, really. I like it–I like writing it, and figuring out who my characters are, as I go. I don’t like writing with no concrete ending, even one that I can change–I always like to have some idea even if I know that I’m going to end up switching it for something better. (As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever written anything without at least a bit of an ending in mind.)

Oh, well. That’s all to be figured out later.


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