Another Novel

Well, I’ve figured out what I’m going to do with the remainder of the month.

I’ve got 26 days left. If I wanted to do a 50K month, that’d only be 2K/day. So that’s what I’ll do. I have a new idea that I stole from the NaNo forums (though I’m fairly confident it’s going to become really different from what they intended; I’ve managed to fit it into the world I created for my NaNo) and I quite like it. I’ve got 2,261 words so far. It’s fairly slow-going so far, but once the plot kicks off it’s going to be really fun to write.

I really like WriMo months. I know, I’m doing this, two more 50K months, and then a 300K in July, but I’ll take a break from August-October and figure out what I want to do with all of the things I’ve written. It’s not like I’ll stop editing, either; 2K a day leaves room for other things in the day.

Anyway, here, have the first few paragraphs.

We did not mean to start a war. At least, I don’t think we did. It’s hard, sometimes, to remember. When your values get corrupted and what you once stood for becomes what you’re fighting against, it’s hard to make yourself think of a time when things were different. When you were different.

The only things I know, really, are as follows.

We wanted freedom until we had it.

We thought they were right until we saw what they did.

Evil is a many-faced foe.

I don’t pretend to know the answers. I’m the face of the war now, and I’ve been for years and years. They ask me what I think about topics and issues, and I beat around the bush. Some berate me for this, and I let them. It’s better to have them think I’m an idiotic politician than what I truly am; the mind behind all of their pain and suffering, the one who caused that crop to die or orchestrated that death.

Perhaps not directly. Perhaps in some small, infinitesimal way, I’m innocent. And if that’s the truth, I’ll accept it as I have everything else in life; I’ll smile and nod until I’m alone, when I can react. I’ll whoop and cheer but only in secret, always in secret.

If they knew who I was and what I did, I would be killed.



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