On finishing Screnzy.

Day three and I’ve finished.

… Well, now what do I do with myself?

I tend to do this a lot. I get really into a project, finish really early (because I’m extremely competitive and fall under the mindset of If it’s not difficult, I’m not really winning (this is a really bad habit to have, especially since I haven’t felt much pride because it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be–yes, I realize this is a major character flaw)) and tend to forget what I did before said project. Yes, it was only being worked on for three days, but for those three days, my mindset was: Work on the script work on it why aren’t you working on it what’s going to happen next let’s change the ending, etc. etc.

Now, I’m sitting here with a finished, 101-page script and I don’t know what to do. I might read, or call Sam. Or watch Cinderella again.

I don’t know, though. Ah. I feel really over-dramatic, because it was, after all, only three days–but I form habits insanely easily and now I feel like I should be working on what happened to Riley, Sid, Carey, Alan, George, and Ryan but I can’t. I refuse to lengthen the script because I feel like it; I ended it at a spot that I’m pleased with and that’s that.

So… Yeah, I suppose. I’ve won Screnzy! I’m sure the pride’s going to be there later. At least, I hope so, because this was somewhat difficult and I’m proud of the result.


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