3/10 of the way there!

Well, it’s 16 and a half hours in, and I’ve got exactly 31 pages done. This whole day, all of the writing (though, to be fair, the first 25 pages were written in a time span of two hours and I’m not entirely sure where it’s going), has been a real confidence booster. I can hit 100 pages. I can write a 100-page script. Hell, I can write a script, and that’s something I never thought I’d be able to say. (Well, when I say never, I mean that in the loosest term. I did think that perhaps I could.)

Rather, I really enjoy script-writing. It’s kind of freeing, in a way. I like having the four main blocks, and not having to worry about format so much – funnily enough, I worry more about format in a novel – sentence structure, paragraph structure, too much thoughts going on?, etc. But with this, it’s all about the nuances, the dialog, the action, the little things. I’m getting a good hold on it, and I’m using words sparingly – one sentence looks like a hell of a lot when you’re formatting it.

I think, when I read this later, I’m going to be proud of it. It’s not fantastic, and the plot needs work – I can tell that now, thirty pages in – but it’s a script, and I’m enjoying writing it in a different way than when I write novels.

It’s only day one. Yes, I realize. However, I can tell pretty early what my opinions on things like this are, and this is one of the times that I know I enjoy it, and I’m going to keep enjoying it.


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