Screnzy Frenzy.

It’s the last night of March. Tomorrow (or, rather, tonight at midnight) I’m going to begin writing my script. It’s the first time I’ll go out of my comfort zone when writing; yes, I can write novels. I have written novels, and I can write them quickly without too much hassle. But can I really write a script? Can I do 100 pages without description, narrative, all of the things that I use (sometimes too much) in a novel? Rather, can I make emotion translate into a script? This isn’t a happy story; none of mine are. It’s a story of first love and pain and the realization that the world you know can be a cruel place. I’m afraid, though. I’m afraid to start it and ruin it.

I know that, if this were a novel, I wouldn’t be so frightened. I’d be ready, chomping at the bit. Let me write it! Let me break their hearts! But now, at the face of this previously unexplored terrain, I’m hesitant.

I don’t want to screw it up.

What if I lose? What if I don’t get 100 pages? Nearly everyone I’ve talked to has laughed at that, the page count. You can speed-write. It’s only 20,000 words, if that. It’s not that much. Screenwriting isn’t difficult.

While that (the latter) might be true, I don’t know. And I don’t like not knowing. I like being safe in the idea that while the execution might be off, I have the format of a novel down. I’m not familiar with the ‘three acts’ everyone talks about, with the small parenthetical. I’m used to using thoughts to convey emotions; now, I have to bring it across in dialogue.

It’s going to be fun, though. I know it is. It’s going to be an exercise in something different, and while I’m not excited for it as though it’s NaNo time, I’ve got a quiet sort of exhilaration.

And if I fail, if I don’t get the 100 pages, I’ll move on. I’ll cut my losses, determine where I went wrong, and go back to writing novels in May. (That’s not to say that I’m going to be so angry that I have to quit. I’m just planning on doing three WriMos in a row.)

Either way, it’ll be a good time. I’ve just got to keep thinking positive.


Stages of Writing

I tend to go through stages when I write.

I prewrite, first and foremost. On everything. I rarely use any of my prewriting, and I really rarely end up sticking to whatever half-assed plan I come up with, but I always have some image in my mind of me, planning the entire plot, every intricate twist and turn, and that much less editing. Of course, once I start, I throw all of the ideas about “quality” and “talent” out the window, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway. I call that the excitement phase. New plots! New characters! New worlds!

And then I inevitably realize that I’m going to write a novel (or, in recent cases, a script). I start to freak out. Terribly. I rip at my hair and curse myself for attempting to do so. Being as many (all) of my novels have been a product of a NaNo-type event, I’m really feeling the pressure of a deadline. One week before it starts. Four days. Three days.

And then…

I get to the two-day mark. (Sometimes a bit more or less time, but I’m generalizing.) I calm down. I smile. I think, I can do this! Positive thoughts all the way. There’s a spring in my step and I’m genuinely excited to try to pull off this crazy endeavor.

And then it starts. I realize what I’ve done to myself but I push through it and inevitably finish what I start, though the feeling of panic and Shit fuck what have I done why am I doing this never really goes away.

All that to say that I’m excited for Script Frenzy. I have no idea how to format a script (the articles, while helpful, don’t stick in my brain too well). I have no idea if my characters are going to be flat or not. And yet… it’s the calm before a storm. I can smile and be excited for April and think positive thoughts until then.

(And while I’m doing that, let’s not think about the fact that it’s one hundred pages to be written. Ignoring that little detail until I have to acknowledge it.)

Let’s pretend it hasn’t been months since I last posted anything.

I’m currently planning for Screnzy, which I’ve got until Friday to iron out the plot holes of. I like my plot, and hopefully I’ll be able to stay on task with that instead of changing the plot significantly. It ties together fairly well, I think.


And after Screnzy is May, and I think I’m going to try to do 50K that month. And then 25K (or so) in June. Just something to keep me writing. And then during July, I’m going to try to do 300K.

I’ve got plots galore and I’m looking forward to writing them. Should be a hectic few months but it’s going to be lots of fun, I’m really looking forward to it. (: