So last night, at the beginning of the evening, I had 45K. It was 8:45 at night; I have an hour every night, to go on the computer, from 9-10.

“Five thousand more?” I asked myself. “I have an hour and fifteen minutes, if I can convince Mom to let me go on the computer now. I’ll do it!”

Of course, this was me forgetting that my personal best was 4K/hour.

So I opened Write or Die at around 8:50, fingers ready to go.

One thousand words later, I was tiring, but in no way giving up.

Another thousand passed. I was tiring more, my eyes blurring.

And then after another five hundred, I was about to die.

I stopped my session of WoD (found http://writeordie.drwicked.com/ here for anyone interested) and went to the bathroom.

I had done half. It was 9:15. Could I do another 2.5K?

I won’t bore you with the rest of the details, and I’m a bit ashamed to say that the reason I got there was partly because of… naughty scenes. They fit with the plot, and weren’t graphic, but still.


For all intents and purposes… I won. I got 50K in eight days, five better than my last NaNo’s (not to be confused with my crazy JulNo record).

My hands were shaking, the prose was awful, and I wanted to curl up into a ball, but nothing will beat that feeling of accomplishment that I felt. I could only grin. I had won.

I have won.

However, my plot isn’t over yet. I’m going to try to get another 50K this month, which is going to be at a slower pace; I have 21 days in which to do it. I’m hoping the plot will wrap up around then, but I don’t think it will.

Ah, well. Either way… I’m proud of myself. (:


Oh my god I have 31,000 words.

Actually, in total, I have 31,662.

I don’t even know how this happened.

I just write and write and keep writing, and my wordcount keeps going up, and at this rate I’m going to hit 50K by the end of the week.

What the flying hell.

Not that I’m complaining. This kind of thing, though… I mean, I know I’m a speedwriter, but I’m continually amazed by the sheer amount of words I pound out.

And that sounded like I was bragging. :/ I swear, I wasn’t trying to…

It’s 1:06, and I’m tired. I may try to pound out this last 400, so I can be at an even 32K, or I’ll just keep writing until I pass out.

Either way, this is a lovely wordcount to have on day seven. (:

Though my wrists/fingers do hurt quite a lot. ):

10K! 1/5 of the way there.

Okay, 1/5 to 50K. Probably not even a tenth of my story’s done.

But I don’t care. (:

I said my goal for today was to get to 15K. I haven’t hit it (yet), but I feel certain I can get at least 3K more on the computer, and 2K written (if it comes to that). I’d like to type the whole thing, but I’m so much less inspired on the computer. I’ll stick with handwriting for those days.

So, yeah.(: 10K down. 5K more to do today. And it’s only 1:13; I feel like I can do that today. Hopefully.

I had a minor heart attack when I thought I lost 4,000 words, but I restarted my computer and all but 300 had been saved. So that was nice. (:

I guess that’s all I’ve got to say. Good luck to all who are NaNo’ing! 😀


So it’s 9 at night. I have a grand total of 3,737 words. Not a great start, but not lousy.

I could have more, if I wasn’t writing mostly by hand. I’d have a lot more. As it stands, however, I’m pretty proud of my accomplishments.

Of course, my plot has already taken off, deviating from the outline in a horrific way, but in the next 25K, I’m sure I can fix it.

I wish I was exaggerating about the amount of words it’ll take.


Tomorrow, I’ll get more ahead. I mean, I’m not behind, but I’m right on freaking track for the 100K. And I don’t like that. I don’t like not having a cushion.

Tomorrow, no school. My goal is 10K. I can do this. I have done that.


I guess that’s all. Bye, readers.