Going ma-a-a-ad.

(Title of the post to be sung as Mark Cohen did in RENT. ;D)


So I’ve been working like mad (ma-a-a-ad) on my outline, trying to get it done for November. I’ve hit a wall, and I don’t want to get my (stupid, dumb, horrific) characters out of the pickle I put them in around halfway through the outline.

But I didn’t have an ending, so I wrote it.

My goodness.

I’ve been working backwards from there, and I think I’ve broken through my wall. Apparently, outlining backwards helps me. O.o No idea why, in particular–but it’s great.

The end is sad (at least, to me), but I just hope I can pull it off right. This novel could go very, very well, or it could go really badly. I’m not sure which it is–only November 30th will tell.


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