Before we begin, I’ve got a gleefully stolen meme about NaNo. (:

Have an outline? Partly. I’m working on it.
Scene-by-scene? See above. (:
Know how it starts? Yes! I do! Not the first line, but I’ve got the scene.
Know how it ends? This one? Yes. The series? No.
Have your climax in order? Eh. Pretty much. That’ll come with the outline, I figure.
Know your main characters yet? Yes. Roran’s clearer, but I’m really loving Daisia.
Have a particular tone in mind? Yes. (:
Plan to draw on your own experiences? Oh, yeah. I’ve often had to overcome that serial killer mentality. (No. ;D)

Funny? Not really. It’s a fairly serious piece.
Serious? Yes!
Sad? I think it’s going to be… not sad, no. It won’t make people cry, but it might make them feel bad for Daisia. I don’t know.
Semi-Autobiographical? Noooooooooooope.

Based on another story? Actually, not really. I mean, not more than the usual amount.

A paper journal? Yes, when I plan at school. (:
Pens? Uh huh.
Multicoloured pens? Nope.
A computer? *stares at yWriter and StoryBook* Yup!
Index cards? They don’t work for me. 😛
Bulleted lists? Not yet.
Plot charts? What’s that?
Character charts? I hate them…
Character formulas? I don’t even know what that is. xD
Favourite writing resource? Resource? Iunno.

A line you would like to use: Something along the lines of “This is one fucked-up seduction” (from Next to Normal, tweaked for Uproar.)

A scene you would like to include: The daisies! Several times, I think.
A concept you would like to explore: The line between good and evil.
A cliché you would like to avoid: All evil characters are horrible people with horrible upbringings.
A character you would like to use: The “flaming” character I came up with. I won’t use that exchange, but he will appear.

Do you expect to be able to complete it? Yes.
Do you intend to complete it? Yes!
Would you ever try to publish it? Perhaps someday.
What do you expect to get out of this month of frantic writing? My first fantasy novel, as well as the knowledge of what it takes to build a realistic world.


There we go.

Now, as you might know, I’m doing National Novel Writing Month in November. I’m going for 100,000 words, possibly all handwritten, on a fantasy novel. This is going to be my first foray into that genre, and while I’m nervous, I’m really excited. If this goes well, I have plans for a series of novels, all culminating in a finale that’s going to be freaking awesome to write. (:

Gah, I’m so excited for NaNo. If I hit the 100K, it’ll be the most I’ve ever written in a month, and if I write all 30 days, that’ll be the first time I’ve ever written for an entire month. (: Hopefully, it’ll work.

At the moment, I’m working on plotting the thing. I’m using StoryBook to do the outline, and yWriter for all of the other stuff. (: It should be good, this November. I might not ever sleep, but that’s what December is for. (;

I guess that’s it. Back to plotting!



2 thoughts on “Meme!

  1. It sounds like you’re ready to go. I like the concept of the “line between good and evil” as there are so many places to go with that idea, especially in the fantasy genre.
    Thanks for putting me on to Storybook.

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