Oh! Right. Synopsis.

Yes, I know I just posted. I’m posting again, sorry.

So I forgot that I’d ome up with a synopsis for this November’s novel. (: And as it’s October 10 (10/10/10, for the record), I figured I should post it for all you lovely readers. (:


Here goes.

It is a world like our own.

A world with people just like you and I, with one difference.


When a child is born, a parent must make a decision that will shape that child’s life forever–to give them the gift of magic, to allow them to hone it, or to have the child live a ‘normal’ life? Children of each type are separated, never allowed to talk to one another without a specific reason.

Those without magic are considered as ‘less than’ than those who have the gift. They are mocked by those more ‘powerful’ than them.

But magic comes at a price, and some parents are not willing to pay it–are afraid to pay it.

Over the centuries, there have been wars over this, with the ‘freaks’ fighting the ‘normals’.

This is not a war of that nature.

It is a war between the citizens and the government, between the commoners and the monarchies. Every country will choose to fight, for various reasons. Leaders are cruel, and while magic may be powerful, it is not invincible. They are not invincible.
It is a war of power, of suffering, of long-awaited justice.
It is a war that will rip apart the government, rip apart society until there is nothing left but the bare bones.
It is a war that will test the fate of every citizen, with or without magic, no matter what element they have chosen.
It is a war that every citizen must fight, that every citizen must try to win or be killed in the process.

It is a rebellion.

It’s the first in what will be a series. It’s kind of a blanket synop, as the novel I’m doing in November is more about them going to the rebellion, deciding to do it, than the war itself, but I didn’t want to throw a thousand characters into that.

But there it is, dear reader. (:


One thought on “Oh! Right. Synopsis.

  1. I really enjoyed this little synopsis – it’s a good idea, looking at the darker side of magic as compared with “non-magic,” as opposed to just being compared with the lighter side of magic all the time.

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