I can’t sing. Or talk.

I lost my voice last night. >< I was at this pep rally for my school, and then I went to our football game (which we lost), and then this rave/dance thing. Aaaaaaand now I can’t talk, and I got really sick last night. 😛 This is not fun.

On another note, I want to talk about NaNo some more.

If I were a less lazy person, I would go look up this comment, but as it stands, I’ll paraphrase. I was talking about not doing NaNo a few posts back, and someone said to do it anyway, because it’s more important than school.

And that got me thinking. Though they may have been joking, I’m not entirely sure.

As it stands… I’m in two AP classes, and a math class that I’ve no business being in but can’t switch out of. (Pre-Calculus. Yuck.) My homework takes just about all night, most nights. I don’t think I could feasibly do the 150K I’d challenged myself to doing, even in the best of times, if I only did one subject of homework every night. (Homework is not fun.)

However, I think I may try for the 50K. It’s about 1700 words, I tell myself, and that’s really not that much, in the long run. Maybe an hour. I spend enough time frakking about on the internet; it could be used to write.

So I am tentatively in for November. I just love my plot so damn much. Not that it’s particularly good; I just want to write it, to see if I can.

So I’m kind of, sort of in for November. Should be… fun.


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