Homework is not my friend.

So I’m taking two AP classes this year, English and World History. Hence, the lack of updating. My apologies.

(Also, sorry for that random ranty post last time. Ugh. I feel awkward having that up. :P)

Homework’s been killing me. I did something like 1200 words today, it was glorious. They suck, but I didn’t realize until I had to go without it for a couple of days, just how much writing means to me. I love it.

It’s almost a need to get the words down. I need to write them, and when I don’t, I’m not as happy, not as satisfied with other things. When I’ve written, even if only for a minute or five, I can get out all my emotions on the page, and can therefore go through the rest of the time without them weighing me down.

Sigh. I feel better, having written.

But… I don’t think I can do NaNo this year. Which, frankly, sucks. >< I love doing NaNo. It’s so much fun. But with the workload of this stupid History class, I don’t think I’ll be able to. ): Which is horribly depressing.

Right. Back to writing, while I have time.


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