So I suppose that now the only two people (okay, one person) that actively reads this blog knows, I can post it here.

This year, I’m taking part in a lil’ thing called Milwordy.

What’s this, you ask?

Basically, from August 21, 2010 – August 21, 2011, I’m going to try to write a million words.

They won’t be super-awesome. Most of them won’t be any good. But (if all goes well) they will get done, and that’s the important part, here.

Currently, I have something like 13K, and I’m having a lot of fun with Crash (the working title for the story, because Subway reminded me of the restaurant :P). I’ll edit it sometime later in the year, and I think it could be something pretty good. By my standards, anyway.

In other writing news, I’ve decided that the official working title of the fantasy story is Rebellion, ’cause I’m unoriginal and calling it “the fantasy thingy” just doesn’t fly with me. 😛 I’m still working on the backstory/history/maps, just not at the speed I was.

All in all, it’s great fun. I’ll probably upload a map of the continent (ooh, I should name that, eh?) when it’s all nice & pretty, just for gits and shiggles. (:

I just had a highly entertaining, four-hour phone conversation with two of the greatest people ever. ❤ Twas great fun.

I got a wrist brace today. 😛 It’s not very pretty (as a matter of fact, it glitters, and that’s really distracting), but it works, and my wrist hasn’t been bugging me at all. (Actually, it’s my elbow that’s hurting, for whatever reason. WHAT THE HELL.)

But, eh. Enough complaining.

Back to writing.


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