I hate how unproductive I am.

I hate this.

I want to write. I have the next several chapters plotted (and the ending is really outlined).

I just won’t write it.

I tell myself, “One more game of Freecell.”

Five games later, I’m still telling that to myself.

>< I just want to move on from this. I love the plot, but I don’t really want to write it anymore. I want to finish it in one more night, one looong night, but I know I won’t.

And so it goes. ><

Blah. I fail at Milwordy.


One thought on “I hate how unproductive I am.

  1. Exact Same Problem. I want to scream. Except you’re way ahead of me, because I haven’t plotted in more detail than what will fit on twenty index cards, written in very large marker.

    Good luck!

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