Swing Life Away.

So I started a new novel tonight. I was on the Plot Adoption thread on the NaNo forums, looking for inspiration (because I’ve basically written all I can/want to at the moment for prequels to my NaNo) and I found one I really, really loved. (:
Basically, these seven people are stuck in a subway compartment together when it crashes. There’s a little boy, a dirty cop, an adulteress, a runaway teenager, an innocent fugitive, a teacher/schizophrenic, and a mute.
To be honest, the adulteress is my favorite to write, because she’s just so bitchy and stuff. (: Ha. I love her, though.
The schizophrenic is interesting, but not as fun as when I’d created her. She’s still an integral part of the plot, however, so she’s going to be staying. (:
I’ve got about 3K on this so far. I don’t know, I like it. I’ll be sticking with it until NaNo rolls around. (:
I guess that’s all.

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