Cheerios are good incentives.

So since I’m really bad at writing things without a deadline/competition/reward, and I still want to write my novel (just not in November), I’ve come up with a reward system. (:

Every 100 words I write, I can have a Cheerio. Every 500 words, I get 15 minutes for whatever. (And when I did 2000 words [good words], I got to eat romun [sp?] noodles. :D)

Yeah, I know, I should be more strict, but it’s not NaNo season yet. 😛 I’m just writing for the hell of writing, not for any purpose. I don’t want to hate my plot, anyway.

*yawn* I’m really tired. I stayed up far too late far too many days and now I’m feeling it. 😛 Tonight, I swear to goodness, I’m going to bed at 11.

Let’s just hope I finish the next few chapters of this novel before I do. (:


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