Go to sleep now, little fool.

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So today I went to a car show (in essence), which in itself was infuriating, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Maybe in another post, when I’ve had time to cool off. I don’t know.


So I went to a car show, and while there I was brainstorming for the fantasy novel (which I should really stop calling “the fantasy novel”, but whatever). When I got back, I typed everything in, and I could tell that in my mind, this is really coming together.

Let me explain. Before, this was a “Cool!” thing in my head, something I was going to work on when I got bored. But it’s really, for lack of a better term, coming together in my head, and I actually really like the world.

It’s not the most original, or the best, but I like it. It’s the most thought-provoking, time-consuming thing I’ve ever planned out, and I’m proud I’ve done enough for it to become “real” in my head.

Once I have all the characters set up, I think I’ll start working on the outline. I have major events already planned–deaths, births, “romantic interludes”–but I need story to go along with it. (:

So basically, there are eight “countries”. I’m going to devote about 15K to each, make the characters pop and the differences and similarities between the countries show, and then the last 30K or so will be the “war”, in essence.

It won’t be publishable, I know that, but this is more an exercise to get my creativity up, as well as to work on worldbuilding and mapping and such.

So far, this is my favorite character:


She is one of the rulers of a country, and I just really like her as a character. XD I think I’m going to work on her backstory more tonight, just to get her more fleshed out.

*shrug* Sometimes, the bloodthirsty characters are the most fun to write. (:

G’bye, readers. Back to worldbuilding.


One thought on “Go to sleep now, little fool.

  1. Found your blog while browsing and thought I’d follow you. I started writing when I was in high school and I’m always interested in new writers. Call it the English teacher in me. =)

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