Quick Post Today.

Listening To: Riot – Three Days Grace ❤
All right. So I’m about to leave, so this is going to be fairly short and probably disjointed. I apologize.

I’m going to my stepbrother’s grandmother’s house to do some yard work and make a cake, so that should be fun. (: I’m probably going to end up planning my novel during the yard work (because that is
boring), and making the cake is just going to be fun. xD
But about the novel.
I was listening to a lot of rebellion-themed music last night (because I went to bed at 4, because I’m an idiot), and since the major theme of the novel is “rebellion” (and war–don’t shoot me, I know this could never be published and not least because I use a big fantasy cliche like that), it gave me a lot of inspiration. Hence the “Riot”. I’ve always liked 3DG, but I’ve never heard this song. Nonetheless, I love it.
As an aside, the song “Do You Hear the People Sing” from Le Mis really lifted my spirits. It’s such an… I don’t know, epic song. Ha. (:
But back to the story.
I’m working on transferring the seasons over into yWriter, the plans that I made when the plot was very very different and making it make sense in what is essentially the “new” world.
It’s fun. (:
I’m also kind of forming a plot. I’m not letting myself think too much about it, because then I’ll want to write it, but as I said, it’s rebellion/war themed and I think there’s probably going to be a romance because let’s face it, I am a hopeless romantic at heart.
This should be an exciting November. I don’t want it to be months away. xD

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