With nothing to remember, there’s nothing left to grieve.

Listening to: Aftershocks – Next to Normal.

So since I’m always listening to music, I figure I’ll put a “listening to” at the forefront of every post, from here on in. (: And when I forget for about a month, you can feel free to smack me on the back of the head.

So since I got the “advice” to be more interesting, I’m going to go back to talking about writing.


So. Yeah.

As I said before, NaNo is soon-ish. So I’m working on planning that fantasy novel I was working on (yeah, remember that?). I’ve started using yWriter to hold the information about each country and when I’m done with that, I’ll start working  on characters.

This is fun. (: I haven’t looked at the file (appropriately named “My World Plans”) since before camp, so rereading it now is quite fun. (:

I’ll have to rework the issues with the climates, however. I wanted to have every country work differently, focus on a different aspect of life, but that’s not going to work with the way the sun is.

Argh. Worldbuilding is difficult.

However, I will plod on!

Also, I found out that the average length of a fantasy novel is 100K. I wonder if I could write that much in a month?

I don’t know, but it sounds like a fantastic challenge, so I’m going to try. (:

Wish me luck, I guess? Ha. (:

So a while ago, I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, when a frakking moth dive-bombed my head. I kid you  not, it was up on the windowsill and then it was in my hair, and I screamed and toothpaste went flying and I was kind of dancing around and screaming and beating my head and then the frakking moth just flew out the window.

I hate bugs.

With a burning, fiery passion.

For a while, we had a steady stream of bugs living in our bathroom. First, it was a green bug whom we named “Larry”, that liked to move all over the house and scare the shit out of me every time I went anywhere, until he took up residence in our bathroom. And then when I came back, he was dead, and a huge frakking moth (not the one I just talked about) was living there, just kind of chilling. The brother named him “Miguel”. He died, soon enough.

And now they’re back?!

No. My irrational (I mean rational, totally rational) fear of bugs will not stand for this madness.


G’bye, readers.


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