November is soon? What?

So I’m currently at a friend’s house (and if you’re reading this, HELLO and you know who you are ;D), and I just realized that NaNoWriMo is in a couple of months.


Where did the 10 months go?!

I can so clearly remember starting Moments, the frenzy to get it done, and the all-encompassing OH MY GOD YES I WON!!!!! feeling on the 13th.

And now I’ve returned to that. (: Or will, come November first.

I did do JulNo, as many of you know (*cough* Blog posts are my procrastination *cough*), but as it’s in the summer, there’s less pressure. I finished it in five frakking days, after all. I could never do that, not with school and whatnot.

So I’m deciding that I’m going to start writing every day. I’ll pick an arbitrary time, one that’s after I get back from Grandma’s on days I’m there and not while I’m at school once that starts, and I’ll write for 15 minutes, to get my mind going. I can currently do 1000 words in that time, if I try really  hard. When NaNo rolls around, I’ll already be in that mindset, and it should be a bit simpler to do it this year. Or, if not simple, less taxing on my wrists.

Of course, I’m also going to try to get it in 10 days. So, yanno, this might be a total fail (5000 WORDS A DAY WHILE I HAVE SCHOOL TO CONTEND WITH?! AM I CRAZY? [Answer: Yes, but I won’t have dance, so that’s good.]) Either way, I’ll probably be doing a lot of words this November, as well.

I would say that my “award” for winning in 10 days will be Harry Potter 7 the day it comes out, buuuut… if I don’t win, there is NO FRAKKING WAY I am skipping that movie. No way. None.

Hmm. Should this count toward my wordcount goal? It’s not 9:15 yet (a time I randomly picked earlier, to do my writing), but I “skipped” it last night on accident.

Ah, well. I’m tired and this doesn’t make sense. So, goodbye. (:


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