Wait, what?

Oh, yeah. I have a blog. Silly me. Ahem.

I have an excuse for not updating the last couple of days, at least. I’ve been at the condo, with the grandparents. 😀

See, that smiley face would usually not be there, but this weekend was really fun. My grandmother and I didn’t fight once, and it was just awesome all around.

Plus, I did a lot of awesome writing. Okay, so the stories aren’t awesome, but the fact that I wrote around 10K without the threat of a WriMo over my head is.

I dyed my hair. (: It’s red. Really, really vibrantly red and I love it! Ah, I’ve missed… actually, no I haven’t, because I’ve never been a redhead. XD But now I am. And it’s fun and bright and amazing. 😀 WHOOP!

I left 29 reviews today on a story (at http://www.harrypotterfanfiction.com/) and it was fun. (: I feel so accomplished, he was so thrilled to recieve the reviews (he said) and I loved the story. (:

That’s all from me, lurkers. Ciao for now. (Wow, haven’t said that in a while. ;D)


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