Fifteen pages of plans,

and I think I’ve got myself the beginnings of a world. I’ve currently got, as the title suggests, fifteen pages of plans, of a world and customs and the people.

Without going into great and boring detail, let me just say this. The story takes place billions of years in the future, either on Earth or an Earthlike planet. An as-of-yet unnamed God took over the planet, and was sickened by the way the world had turned out. So, he chose ten people and killed off the rest, completely wiping the memories of the ten that he chose. (In essence, he was starting over, but since matter cannot be created or destroyed, he had to kill everyone and wow, that sounds morbid.) These ten were given magic, and each got to choose an element to ‘major’ in.

Fast forward a thousand years or so. The world is in good shape, only now, there are 8 Gods that rule over a ‘section’ of the continent–in essence, it’s Pangea, but split up. The custom of choosing a Major is still in place, but parents choose if their children have the gift of magic or not.

It sounds weird, and it’s much more involved than that (hell, the map is more involved than that) but I won’t get into that now. (: I have pictures of what the things look like:

Where the Gods reside.

Section Five of my 'world'. The mountains separate it from Four.

Section Six; my favorite to research for. (:

There you have it; my world, in a nutshell. I love it so far, and I’m hoping I can continue with this. Even if I do hate fantasy ;P.


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