I’m Back. Also, I’m neurotic.

Yes, it’s true. After twelve (thirteen?) days of singing nonstop, waking up at 6 am, and meeting some of THE GREATEST PEOPLE I’VE EVER MET IN MY LIFE, I’m back here, to all you lovely blogstalkers. (:

Just kidding about the ‘stalker’ bit. You know I love you guys. (: ❤

So I want to tell y’all what I discovered while at camp.

I really love singing. I feel the same way about singing as I do about writing; that is, if I had to sing or write for 6 hours a day (I’ve done both, many times), I’d be perfectly okay with that. I really want to try a 24 hour stint of both, but I think my fingers and/or voice would kill me in my sleep. Whoo.

But I digress.

I have a lot of fears. One of those fears is dying. And I know, I know, everyone has that fear but no one should, blah blah blah.

I have a type of hypochondria – OR SO I THINK – where every time I ingest something that isn’t necessarily food, I freak out and think I’m going to die.

Why am I telling you this, you ask? Well, today, I put calamine lotion on my leg (I HAVE SEVEN MOSQUITO BITES ON MY THIGH ASDFJKL;!). And while eating dinner, I tasted a funny taste. Then, I realized that I, being the smartypants that I am, didn’t wash off all of the lotion on my hands, and therefore may have ingested some of the stuff.

Now I’m all panicky and I want to talk to Mom but I know she’ll make fun of me and ARGH I DON’T LIKE BEING ME.

Time to watch more Vlogbrothers.

Peace out. ❤



Well, tomorrow is the last day I’m going to be here for 12 days. Home, I mean.

I won’t have internet access, sooo if there’s anyone reading this (highly doubt it), then… I won’t be here for a lot of days, so posts will be minimal. And by ‘minimal’, I mean ‘nonexistent’.

I’m going to a singing camp. Or, rather, I’m going to a camp for singing, but the entire place is for all the arts. (:

I’m excited. It’ll be in the woods and shit, so my fear of bugs will be greatly upped, I assume, but still. It sounds really fun.

I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep today. I went to bed at 5 am this morning, woke up at 9:30, and then stayed up till 4 in the afternoon, when, given that my head was throbbing beyond anything I could imagine, I went upstairs for a nap. I woke up at 9:45, and I think I’m good, except that I won’t be able to sleep tonight, which makes me kind of an idiot.

Okay, a huge idiot. But whatever.

I did this yesterday, too, which is why I was up until 5 in the first place. 😛

Hopefully, if I can get to sleep at around midnight, I’ll be good and able to get a good night’s sleep, in order to get ready for the hell that’s going to be getting up at 6 am every morning at camp.

I get migraines. It’s a legitimate problem with me, which is why my head hurt so damn bad. Today, I thought I’d try to get rid of it on my own, rather than take a pill and hope it leaves. I laid down and, upon my stepdad’s advice (because he has them as well, and knows how to get rid of them), tried to focus on where the pain actually was and relax that area.

Basically, I ended up making my head feel like it was expanding, because I was trying to relax, and while the pain went away, it was only while I could hold that feeling.

This is when sleep is a good thing. 😛

But still. Camp! I’m excited. (:

A Sigh of Relief.

This doesn’t suck.

My world doesn’t suck. In my opinion (and this doesn’t happen often, mind you), it’s an interesting world, not all too cliche, and it’s possible that it’s good.

I told my stepdad about me trying a totally different genre, expecting to be shot down. He said:

“Jasmine, all writing is good writing. Who gives a shit if it sucks? There’s no way to become a worse writer; you can only get better.”

And it’s so true. I’ve been beating myself up, trying to make myself not want to write this, because I am a humor and horror writer, nothing more. But why can’t I try fantasy? So I’m not a huge fan; I’m not going to try to publish this, it doesn’t matter if it’s shitty. All I can do is write for myself.

And humor and horror aren’t really the closest of genres, are they? (;

I have a world created. I know the customs, and I know more than half of their history. I have weather patterns written down and how the entire world looks and works, along with all of the islands. I haven’t named any of them, sure. That’s the one thing I don’t have: names. I have 8 Gods, 8 countries, as many MCs as my story will allow/have, and 13 islands to name, as well as the planet itself.

But you know what? The names don’t matter yet. Right now, I’m planning, and who gives a damn if the two groups of people are the “Magicals” and the “Regulars”? There’s no effing way they’re going to stay that way, but I’ll think of that later. Right now, I’m making up worlds and plans and customs and people and spells and climates and all the good stuff, and I like it.

It’s a sigh of relief. I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time. (:

Fifteen pages of plans,

and I think I’ve got myself the beginnings of a world. I’ve currently got, as the title suggests, fifteen pages of plans, of a world and customs and the people.

Without going into great and boring detail, let me just say this. The story takes place billions of years in the future, either on Earth or an Earthlike planet. An as-of-yet unnamed God took over the planet, and was sickened by the way the world had turned out. So, he chose ten people and killed off the rest, completely wiping the memories of the ten that he chose. (In essence, he was starting over, but since matter cannot be created or destroyed, he had to kill everyone and wow, that sounds morbid.) These ten were given magic, and each got to choose an element to ‘major’ in.

Fast forward a thousand years or so. The world is in good shape, only now, there are 8 Gods that rule over a ‘section’ of the continent–in essence, it’s Pangea, but split up. The custom of choosing a Major is still in place, but parents choose if their children have the gift of magic or not.

It sounds weird, and it’s much more involved than that (hell, the map is more involved than that) but I won’t get into that now. (: I have pictures of what the things look like:

Where the Gods reside.

Section Five of my 'world'. The mountains separate it from Four.

Section Six; my favorite to research for. (:

There you have it; my world, in a nutshell. I love it so far, and I’m hoping I can continue with this. Even if I do hate fantasy ;P.

Damn Fantasy.

Wow, the title sounds much dirtier than how I mean it.

Lemme explain.

I am not a fantasy/sci-fi fan. At all. I’ve read Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, and I breathe Harry Potter, but that is the extent of the fantasy/sci-fi that I’ve read and enjoyed. I tried Eragon and the sequels; it bored me nearly to tears. (I’m not including vampire stories in ‘fantasy’, as they’ve basically become mainstream fiction, god damn them.) I just don’t find it appealing, separate worlds. Again, other than HP, though I think that may have something to do with the fact that I started that when I was little. I’ve been meaning to read Lord of the Rings, if only to say I’d read it, but I can’t for the life of me get into it.

So of course my brain cooks up a fantasy story idea for me. Of fkkn course.

Suffice to say, it’s real fantasy. As in, taking out the ‘fantasy’ elements would not work at all, because that’s what the entire plot is centered around.

Argh. I really want to write this one. I like it so far. I have a world in my head. But I don’t like fantasy. Can I write it?

Since I have no real willpower or control over what I write, I suppose a good answer would be: We’ll see. I’ll be back when I’ve got a few chapters outlined and/or written, to see if I want to continue it. (:



So because I’m cool and have no life and stuff, I’ve added an excerpt of Retreat (my JulNo novel, for the record, and if you don’t know what that is, I recommend checking out my first post) to this. 😀 It’s chapter three, and it can be found by clickity clicking on that “An Excerpt” button, because I… am an unoriginal loser.


Aaannyway, read it and such if you like. It’s not long, buut I thought I’d put it here.

So, yeah.

… I’m awkward, it seems, even through writing. *pondering*

I should get to work on Utopia, I make less a fool of myself when I do. 😛